Earlier this month, the Spice Girls sent their fans into a tizzy when they announced they'd be reuniting for a 2019 tour. But there was one caveat: Victoria Beckham would not be joining the girls on the road.

Fans had mixed reactions to the Posh Spice-less reunion, but the girl band is trying to find a fifth Spice that will satisfy anyone who may be disgruntled. As Metro points out, during a recent appearance on the Heart Breakfast Show (which happens to be co-hosted by Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice), fellow host Jamie Theakston asked her and their guest Mel B who they'd like to see onstage in lieu of Beckham.

"That’s really rude, she’s not replaceable," Scary Spice declared.

But Emma had something else in mind. "You can’t do that…but Katy Perry…" she said before quickly adding that she's not being serious. "I’m joking. It’s a joke."

Is it though?

As soon as Emma told her "joke" Mel was immediately on board. "But that would be good actually, just for one song," the America's Got Talent host admitted.

What say you, Katy? (We hope it's "HELL YES, I'M IN!)


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