After news came that Kermit the Frog's current voice actor was stepping away from the green icon, one group of hardcore fans immediately scrambled for auditions: Team Trump.

You have to give credit to The Late Show team for moving so quickly on the news that a search for the new voice for Kermit the Frog was underway. As the open to last night's episode, Stephen Colbert and his writing team wasted no time in slapping together one of the greatest fake audition tapes in recent memory. While the Kit Harington bit from Kimmel the other night was solid, it's hard to top anything with Kermit. The dude's a legend.

Using clips from Sean Spicer's press conferences, Donald Trump, Jr's recent interviews, and the 45th President's own rallies and speeches, the audition tape takes a collection of already absurd dialogue and makes them even more ludicrous. Even the casting director has a hard time believing some of the things coming out of Kermit's mouth are things any living person would willingly say out loud. There's also no denying the skill of the puppeteer, who hit all the right physical moves perfectly in time with each speaker's personal ticks.

If there weren't any guests planned, these Kermit auditions could have gone all night with snippets from the rest of the current administration's team. Then again, the short and sweet clip hits all the right notes. Thankfully, it's just a bit though, and Kermit won't have to suffer such indignities when his real voice actor is chosen.

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