"Hidden Fences" may remain an imaginary movie title, but that doesn't mean it's undeserving of a movie trailer—at least, according to Stephen Colbert.

Days after a number of white folks at the 2017 Golden Globes (starting with NBC reporter Jenna Bush and including presenter and actor Michael Keaton) accidentally combined the names of two films prominently featuring black casts, Hidden Figures and Fences, The Late Show aired a parody trailer for the nonexistent film.

"This summer, see the movie white people at the Golden Globes were talking about," a voiceover for the trailer announces, before teasing the story of a literal, actual fence NASA is preparing to launch into space while footage from both films plays.

"Based on a true story of people who think all movies about black people are the same movie," the narrator adds. "If movies starring black people confuse you, then this is the film you've got to see."

Watch above.

On Monday (January 9), Bush appeared on Today where she addressed the gaffe and apologized to both casts for mixing the films up.

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