Many artists have been reinventing themselves though the years. Be it a new sound, new outfit, or a collaboration with a fellow artist. For the sake of Khia, its been a documentation of 20 mugshots outlining her criminal career. And if you are thinking to your self... " Who the hell is Khia?" I included her hit song in this story.  Enjoy the photos, they are UN-B-WEAVEABLE!


Of course its the clean version, because the dirty version is well... DIRTY!

It could be the cover of her latest album, or simply a collage of photos documenting many varied hairstyles through her glamorous rap-star life.

But in fact these are the many, many mugshots belonging to singer Khia Chambers from Florida - all 20 of them.

Khia's mugshots have catapulted her to fame for all the wrong reasons after she hit the 20 mark on Saturday when she was arrested for concealing/endangering property secured interest in Dekalb County, Georgia.

via Khia Chambers: 20 mugshots documenting her many wacky hairstyles | Mail Online.