Kid Cudi‘s experimental rock album ‘WZRD’ will finally hit stores on Feb. 28. This will be Cudi’s first album since becoming sober and moving forward with a new sound. The LP was originally due on Jan. 28, but was rescheduled so Cudi could work on the album’s sonics.

The rapper-actor posted the tracklisting on his blog Saturday (Jan. 21). The LP boasts only 10 songs with no well-known guest features. According to reports, ‘Brake‘ and ‘Teleport 2 Me, Jamie’ (featuring Desire) are the kick-off singles from the album. Of course, all of the music is produced by his collaborative partner, studio wizard Dot da Genius.

Speaking of wizard, according to Cudi, it was Black Sabbath’s song ‘The Wizard’ that inspired him to create his rock-fusion group WZRD. The Cleveland native is also a big fan of Pink Floyd. So much so that he got the ’60s rock band’s name tattooed on his right hand. Hey, at least it wasn’t on his forehead.

Before his album drops, Cudi will be testing a few of his songs out on the road. Last year, he released ‘Brake’ through his Twitter page, which garnered a slew of positive responses. Recently, at the Heatwave Festival in Australia, Cudi performed the love ballad ‘Teleport 2 Me’ and the crowd loved it.

It looks like Kid Cudi is on his way. We wish him the best of luck on his new musical journey.

‘WZRD’ Tracklisting:

1. ‘The Arrival’
2. ‘High Off Life’
3. ‘The Dream Time Machine
4. ‘Love Hard’
5. ‘Live & Learn’
6. ’Brake’
7. ‘Teleport 2 Me, Jamie’ (feat. Desire)
8. ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’
9. ‘Efflictim
10. ‘The Upper Room’

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