Fall Out Boy plans to "Save Rock and Roll" with their new album, which goes on sale April 15 & 16 worldwide. In a cool gift to their fans, the group has offered the full album available to stream for free online - and we have it right here for you to listen to!

The album title makes a bold suggestion it is here to revive rock - and while I don't know that it is the "savior of the genre", it certainly kicks some ass. The loud, anthem-filled Save Rock and Roll will grab your ear with a gritty rise from years silence from the band with the opening track "The Phoenix". From there, the energy doesn't let up outside of a few more "ballad-y" tracks as you go on an aural ride that includes collaborations with Elton John, Courtney Love, Foxes, and Big Sean.

The group seems to have re-tooled their sound slightly, in what I would call a positive growth and evolution of sound. A fresh, new (and welcome) perspective on their sound with heavier rock chords, stronger indie influences, and a little bit of an 80's feel weave their way through the tracks as they seem to have left behind some elements of their pop-punk past to offer a little more "grown up" sound.

Something else noticeably different about this album is in the song titles. If you've ever looked at the song titles for any tracks off a previous Fall Out Boy album, they are usually ridiculously long. Notably, that trend is missing from this album. Another little evolution of the band? Not sure, but it is something to be noted.

As mentioned before, the album goes on sale next week. The group is offering a special deal for pre-orders (here) and they are pushing a new tour, which doesn't offer any nearby dates currently - but we'll let you know if that changes.

Hear Fall Out Boy's "Save Rock and Roll"

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