This certainly isn't the way nature intended it.

A teenager who may or may not still be wearing a banana suit is at large after an unprovoked assault on the gorilla mascot that a Verizon Wireless Center in Strongsville, Ohio employs to promote its store.

The gorilla was minding his own business, waving a half-off sign to potential shoppers, when a yellow whirl shot out from behind the bushes and felled the hairy beast with a mighty blow.

Brandon Parham, the store's manager, witnessed the shocking attack.

"The kid was in mid-air, flying. He just looked like a Spartan from that movie '300,' except he was a banana," he told Fox 8 in Cleveland.

Parham added that he had seen a teenager put on a banana suit earlier, but obviously didn't think he had designs on taking the gorilla out.

After being tackled, the gorilla was able to pick himself up and continued to wave the sign.

Check out Fox 8's report below.

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