If Kim Kardashian's dare-to-bare photo shoot with Paper magazine has left you with one question, it's this: Just how did she manage to balance a champagne glass on her butt?

Well, wonder no more, curious minds of the Internet. Kim K has attempted to show one Australian TV host how to pop out his booty in order to hold a glass of champagne. Keep in mind, the key word here is "attempted," since the host eventually gives up after Kim instructs: "You don’t have as big a butt as I do, you have to bend over more."  (Quote via News.com.) Watch the hilarious tutorial in the Vine above!

And just in case you wanted even more hilarity revolving around Kim Kardashian's assets, all you need to do is watch Benedict Cumberbatch try to get Jimmy Fallon to guess the word "booty" on 'The Tonight Show' in the video below. We cannot stop laughing.

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