Twitter is dragging Kylie Jenner for her luxurious shower's apparent weak water pressure.

On Saturday (January 16), the 23-year-old took to Instagram Stories to show off her $36 million dollar mansion in Holmby Hills. In the videos, fans noticed that the shower in her master bathroom appears to have shockingly low water pressure.

“Kylie Jenner lives in a $35m mansion, and this is the water pressure…” one Twitter user pointed out in a now-viral Tweet.

Fans and followers have continued to mock the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who was named the Highest Paid Celebrity of 2020 by Forbes, for the disappointing water pressure inside of her huge walk-in shower on Twitter. Users shared hilarious jokes and memes, comparing their own personal showers to hers.

"My flex is having better water pressure than Kylie Jenner," one user joked.

Despite the horrible water pressure, TMZ says Jenner’s 15,350 square feet home comes equipped with a chef's kitchen, home theater, a gym, a large pool, bars and game rooms, two guest apartments and more. We guess that makes up for it.

Here are some hilarious reactions from Twitter:

Jenner has not yet responded to the criticism.

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