The Lake Superior Zoo is an amazing place t o see and lean about animals from all over the world. The animal that we highlight this week is a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot named Korbel. Many generations of visitors have most likely seen Korbel who is the oldest animal at the zoo, a whopping 48 years old.


Korbel is pretty talented like most parrots, they can mimic certain sounds. Korbel will say things like "Hi how are you?" and can also make bubble sounds. I often joke with my animals by saying I wish you could talk so you could explain to me why you need to go back outside to go to the bathroom when I just let you out 10 minutes ago. But of course my dogs can't talk and not sure If Korbel would be able to answer a question like that anyway.

Parrots are known to be very loud birds and are most vocal in the morning and evening. So if you are someone who is thinking about getting a parrot as a pet be warned it is going to be non stop noise. This species of bird is not native to the United States they are found in Mexcio and Central and South America.

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The live in Mangroves and forests and enjoy eating foods like seeds, nuts and fruits. Korbel loves to eat peanuts. Their coloring is mostly green with the exception of the plumage on their head and neck which is bright yellow. Unfortunately this species of parrot is listed as an endangered species due to habitat loss and population decline because of the pet trade.

Stop by Lake Superior Zoo today and explore more than 140 species of animals in both indoor & outdoor habitats. Plus tune in this  Friday Morning at 8:15 Cooper and I talk with Haley from Lake Superior Zoo and find out some more cool facts about Korbel the parrot.

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