It is time once again to go behind the scenes at Lake Superior Zoo to learn more about one of their attractions The Pallas' cat named Pabu. This beautiful animal is housed in the Nocturnal building at the Lake Superior Zoo which is now open to the public again. This small wild cat can be found in cold and hilly areas in Central Asia and Western China.

Pallas' cats like some household cats are solitary animals, meaning they like to be on their own and enjoy their own space.  They are about the size of an average house cat but seem to be much larger due to their long dense coat. Pabu seems to like to watch guests as they visit some of the exhibits near them like the Prehensile-tailed porcupine but will quickly retreat when approached.

Pabu is one of the 29 animals at the zoo that is part of the Species Survival Plan, as the Pallas' cat population is declining in the wild due to loss of habitat, climate change and poaching. If you would like to learn more about how you can help save the Pallas' cats at

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If you would like to adopt Pabu or other animals at the zoo you can participate in their Valentines Day Promotion going on now through February 5. When you purchase an ADOPT Package you will receive a special DIY Valentine kit. Tune in Friday Morning January 22 to MIX108 at 8:15am as we visit with Haley Cope from the Lake Superior Zoo to learn all about Pabu!

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