The Lake Superior Zoo can now add another new exhibit to the line up as they welcomed three North American Gray Wolves to the family. The new wolf exhibit  has been completely renovated with a den and a new pool thanks to Legacy Grant funding from the State of Minnesota. The last time Lake Superior Zoo had a wolf exhibit was in 2015, so obviously this makes for an exciting addition to the zoo.

The three wolves named Shasta, Sierra, and Tehama arrived at the Minneapolis St. Paul International airport on Tuesday night from the California Wolf Center. They are sisters who were born back in 2013.They have two brothers: Wintu, who lives at the California Wolf Center (CWC) and Sequoia, who lives at the Oakland Zoo. Their names are to honor the return of the wolf to California as they started making a comeback in the wild in 2011.

Shasta, named after Mount Shasta, is the dominant female of the pack. She is blonde and tan with two different color eyes. Tehama, is named after Tehama County in CA, and is grayer in color and likes to “boss around” her sister Sierra. Sierra is named after the Sierra Mountains, and is the largest of the three wolves, yet the most submissive. She is known as the “goofy” one in the pack! All three wolves can be seen on exhibit next to brown bears Tundra and Banks.

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Unfortunately The Lake Superior Zoo falls under the new COVID-19 restrictions and has to close for the next four weeks, so if you want to get a peek of the wolf sisters in person you need to get down to the zoo by 4p today.  You can always keep in touch with the zoo or if you would like to make a donation, become a member or would like to get more information via their website.

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