The Lake Superior Zoo (Preschool) which works with students age 33 months to five years old gives children a unique learning experience at the zoo and is now offering scholarships for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday summer session which starts Monday, June 21 – Friday, August 27.

This pre-school is unique in not only is it held at Lake Superior Zoo but also offers children a unique nature based curriculum along with the zoo animals. In working with such young children the staff at the zoo are committed to supporting a child's growth in play and learning through education and research.

Children are naturally curious and with all that the zoo and surrounding area have to offer each of the kids in the program will come away from the experience with their own insight into how nature and the animals thrive. The staff at the zoo strive to provide positive role models for the kids to imitate and to teach the children to own their own power through words and actions.

The Pre school mission according to Lake Superior Zoo:

To inspire the healthy social emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive development of young children through close-up experiences with animals and nature.

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A typical day at the Lake Superior Zoo School starts with playtime on the outdoor playscape then a Zoo Walkabout. During the Walkabout, children will meet animals like lions Leo, Lily, and Malkia, black bear Syke, river otters Logan and Brule and many more animals which is a huge part of what makes this school such a unique learning experience. The kids sing songs, and get to hang out in the classroom’s custom-built loft space, and learn about animals through close-up experiences with the ambassador animals.

it is so important for children at this age to learn about the care of others including animals and nature so as they get older they will be sympathetic and caring towards animals and others.  Every behind the scenes experience I have had at the zoo has shown me what an incredible group of people work so hard to give all of the animals at the zoo the best life they can offer.

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