Such great news for all the staff and visitors at Lake Superior Zoo as they welcomed Taj a six year old Amur Tiger. As many of you know the zoo suffered a terrible loss on November 21st of last year when Lana the 15-year-old Amur tiger, had passed away. I know this must have left a huge hole in the hearts of so many at the Zoo. Lana will never be forgotten, but what a great way to honor her with another beautiful vibrant tiger to be in her enclosure for all to see and celebrate.

According to the Lake Superior Zoo Facebook Page: "Taj arrived at the Zoo on January 7 and has been getting acclimated to her new home. As an Amur tiger, she represents her species as an ambassador to help create connections and foster empathy between visitors and this endangered big cat. Over the last one hundred years, tiger populations have been threatened by hunting and forest destruction. All 6 remaining subspecies of tiger (there once was 9) are threatened even with many protection programs in place."

Make sure to stop by the Zoo to meet Taj and other new additions to The Lake Superior Zoo.

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