If, from the outside looking in, it seems like Kim Kardashian is having a tough time recovering from a gunpoint robbery in October, family friend Lance Bass can confirm it's definitely the case.

The Finding Prince host told Access Hollywood in an interview yesterday (November 2) that he spoke to Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, the night of the October 3 attack. He added the whole family remains shaken a month later.

"You couldn't imagine your own child going through something like that," he said. "All the worst things go through your head of what could have been."

"Of course, the family was devastated over it," he added. "I mean, it's something that I don't think people are going to get over for a very long time. That's got to be a traumatic experience...This is going to live with her for a very long time. It's very sad."

Still, Bass can attest to the fact that The Kardashians continue to rally around Kim, who's more or less receded into hiding since the attack.

"You know, they're all together and are obviously a very supportive family. You couldn't ask for a better family to go through something like this together," he said. "[Kim's] kind of staying out of the limelight for right now and just kind of recovering from this."

Agree with Bass that Kim's got a long road ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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