If you thought you knew what a solo Lauren Jauregui track would sound like, it's time to temper your expectations.

The erstwhile Fifth Harmony member, who first teased fans with the release of "Expectations" earlier this month, officially dropped the track Wednesday (October 24), and with it, a brand new era, complete with massive fan feedback.

"i'm crying, your vocals are stunning and amazing, i can't find the words to express how much i'm proud of you," one follower wrote, while another noted "so proud of you, so happy to accompany you from the beginning and see you conquering everything that dreamed of."

And "Expectations" does, indeed, register like a conquering of sorts — the track takes no prisoners, as Jauregui demands respect amid slinky guitar licks and commanding, husky verses.

"Wish I had no expectations/ I wish that I could get it through your head/ With no confrontation/ I really wish we could talk about it instead," she broods.

Jauregui told Billboard at the 2018 American Music Awards that the song is about relationship ambiguity, and finding the way out.

“’Expectations’ is an exploration of when you’re in a relationship with someone and you don’t want to have expectations,” she said. “But they kind of get in the way, regardless, so it’s about that.”

Jauregui added that pioneering her own path has done wonders for her creativity.

“I think just having creative agency and it being my vision that comes to life. And the trust that I have for my label and the way that they’ve fostered me doing me, I think that’s a brand new page, and I’m really excited about it," she said.

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