This scam hits a little too close to home. Northland residents, listen up.

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The Carlton County Sheriff's shared a warning on their Facebook page Thursday (January 21), stating that they had received a report from a resident about a scam they were almost a victim of. According to the resident, they were called by someone who was pretending to be with the office and asked about personal and financial information.

As a reminder, the Carlton County Sheriff's Office is also telling residents they won't ask for specific information regarding your finances. This is the biggest red flag that these phone calls are a scam.Shortly after, the Cloquet Police Department weighed in on the scam on their Facebook page. According to their post, they have also received reports just like this from residents. They also provided the following tips for making sure a call like this is valid:

  • Tell the person on the other end of the line you will call them back and then hang up and call the office number for the CPD at 218-879-1247
  • Ask for the email address of the person on the other end of the line. A valid email will end in
  • Ask for a contact number. Hang up and call it.
This is one in a handful of scams that have been reported so far in 2021. A recent scam also targets Minnesota residents. Recently, the Polk County Sheriff's Office warned people in the area of a scam where someone impersonated a member of law enforcement. This scam was much more elaborate, however, and even involved an in-person visit.

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