According to the Minnesota Legislature has signed off on a bill that could possibly cost drivers up to $100 in fines and fees if they do move out of the left lane for faster vehicles. We have all been behind one of those drivers before and it is super frustrating, causes traffic to slow down and unfortunately in some cases road rage.

Minnesota Senator John Jasinski said “There’s road rage, there’s people trying to pass on the right instead of the left – there’s just a lot of safety concerns. It's really a common sense law that would just promote for people to move over when there's traffic behind them."

Jasinski did say that he had to go back and forth with Minnesota State Troopers quite a bit for them to agree, and the troopers ended up working on the language of the bill. It is common sense to realize there will always be some people driving slower than you and some driving faster, so you as a driver need to be aware of your own speed and the flow of traffic. This bill would also require a public awareness campaign so drivers are aware of the new law. For now the bill is sitting on Governor Walz's desk where it is expected to be signed within weeks.

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