It’ll be a cold day in hell when Batman joins the ranks of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow on The CW, but LEGO has a way of bringing everyone together. See for yourself, as a new promo features the CW stars voicing their LEGO counterparts opposite Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman as part of a weeklong promotion.

The CW and Warner Bros. debuted a brief animated LEGO Batman Movie promotion during this week’s Supergirl, featuring Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist and Brandon Routh voicing their DC counterparts opposite Will Arnett. In addition to the brief promo (and logo bumpers that will follow each show this week), check out official banners of the characters below, including other Warner Bros. series like Gotham, The Big Bang Theory and even Ellen:

In the meantime, The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters this Friday, February 10, while you can read our full review here. The CW will debut more promos of its LEGO heroes in the coming days, so stay tuned. Where else are we going to see Arrow hanging out with Batman?

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