If you happen to see a ship rolling down the streets of Duluth this week, don't worry. You haven't accidentally followed your GPS into Lake Superior. The Leif Erickson Viking Ship located in Leif Erickson Park will be relocated on Thursday, July 11. The project goal is to move the ship so it can be repaired and exhibited in a permanent and more-visible public site.

To facilitate the project, five Viant Crane employees and many of the company’s cranes will move the 9,000- to 12,000-pound ship. At 7 a.m., Viant Crane’s team will rig the ship in its original position and existing cradle to hoist and set it on a trailer inside the park. From there, Viant Crane will transport the ship to a semi-truck near London Road. The ship will then be transported to the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation building near 40th avenue West to receive repairs, after which it will be moved to a permanent location. Prospective locations have been identified, but have not been announced.

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