With the Winter Olympics well underway one name that continually seems to be mentioned is Lindsey Vonn. She has made quite a name for herself in the skiing world despite suffering some major injuries in the past couple of years .

Vonn definitely has a star quality to her and even had dated Tiger Woods fro a brief time. But all that aside I love the fact that she continues to hold Minnesota in a special place.

Vonn spend a good chunk of her childhood in Minnesota and learned how to ski at Buck Hill in Burnsville. I just think it is amazing that she got to the caliber of racing that she did given the fact she grew up in the midwest and was not skiing on mountains

Granted she moved when she was 12 so she had plenty of time to hone her skills on much bigger runs, but it can give the average kid in the midwest the dream that it is possible..

And with that Vonn has a camp for girls every year at Buck Hill for them to feel just that empowered and special. Good Luck to Lindsey on her remaining races and hopefully she will be on top of the podium again this year.

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