Fresh off a performance at Glensheen Mansion's Concerts on the Pier music series, Duluth-based musician AfroGeode took some time to join Jeanne and I during the MIX 108 Morning Show.

Diona Johnson (Di Jay), known musically by the name AfroGeode, has called Duluth home for a number of years. While she has embraced singing and music for as long as she can remember, she began seriously pursing music since 2015; creating and refining a sound that melds a lot of genres and influences into what AfroGeode is today.

During our interview this morning, she described the vast and diverse musical inspirations that have influenced her sound and what it has been like being part of the Twin Ports music scene.

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One of the cool things she mentioned during our visit is how she enjoys trying lots of different things musically, really leaning into those different influences in different songs and during different performances to express herself musically in a very multidimensional way.

Catch the interview here from the on-demand edition of today's show:

Unfortunately our equipment hiccupped and didn't capture the live in-studio song she performed, but you can check out her incredible voice on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. You can also check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

AfroGeode is set to headline at this year's Duluth-Superior Pride at Bayfront Festival Park, where she will be performing with a full band as part of the festivities.

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