Yesterday the MIX 108 family got some heartbreaking news when we learned that our long-time friend and co-worker Jeanne Ryan had passed away.

Jeanne worked in Twin Ports radio for more than 20 years, most of that time doing morning radio, she was one-of-a-kind, her fun, childish sense of humor and caring nature were always on display for the world to see on and off the radio.

When I first moved to Duluth in the early 2000s, I did mornings with Jeanne on 92.1, which was 92.1 KISS FM when she started doing mornings there, and eventually became 92.1 The Beat where Jeanne and I did a show together for many years.

Photo: Jeanne Ryan/TSM
Photo: Jeanne Ryan/TSM

I have lots of great memories working with her, we laughed more than any human should be allowed to laugh. Jeanne and I had endless jokes and stories that only we would understand and laugh about, and I will forever remember and cherish those memories.

I met my wife when Jeanne and I were doing the morning show on 92.1 The Beat, she had won a contest to ride in a limo with Jeanne and me down to the Twin Cities to see Usher, and we all had a great night sipping on Alize and watching the show. Needless to say, Jeanne could see a spark between the two of us and encouraged me to call and ask her on a real date, so I did and the rest is history.

There are endless stories to share about Jeanne, and that's what we are going to do on Monday, December 18th from 8 AM to 10 AM. I invite you to listen as Jeanne's long list of co-hosts, co-workers, and friends gather to share stories, listen to some of Jeanne's favorite old-school jams, and remember a person who added so much to the Twin Ports community.

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If you'd like to share a story or memory of Jeanne, please use the MIX 108 app to either text us or use the MIX Open Mic feature to record an audio message, we will read and play some of these back on Monday morning during the tribute to Jeanne.

Rest easy my friend, thanks for the memories.


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