Everyone has seen the ads on TV for the "My Pillow" unless you don't watch TV.  I admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but I am kind of picky about pillows so I thought maybe there is something to this claim.

I generally am someone who falls asleep pretty easily and have been told I am quite a sound sleeper, but I also am very restless when I sleep. I am constantly moving and repositioning myself or my pillows so I rarely sleep straight through the night.

I also had my doubts because I use 2 pillows at a time and was not convinced that all I would need is one, but they say it is the best pillow you will have ever experienced, so who knows. We ordered 2 premium Queen size pillows that you buy one get one free which was $79.98 for both (159.98 Retail Value). Yes they are expensive but they have a money back guarantee and 10 year warranty.

The other thing I love about this pillow is that it is machine washable and does not loose it's shape, so you can use this pillow for many years to come. Now the big test I only used the "My Pillow" and I did not feel like I needed another one underneath. The pillow seemed to cradle my head whether I was laying on my side or the rare occasion on my back. I never needed to fluff or adjust it at all.

I would give this pillow a 10 out 10 rating and we are not going to return them. My endless search for the perfect pillow has finally come to an end. If you would like more information on the "My Pillow" Click Here

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