Mike Lindell, who many of you may know as the "My Pillow" guy, has been banned for the second time from Twitter. Apparently, his account was initially permanently banned in January of 2021 after he continued to plea that Donald Trump had won the 2020 election. At that time, Twitter claimed they banned him due to "repeated violations" of its civic integrity policy.

Twitter stated that Lindell set up a new account this past Sunday under @MikeJLindell.  The account was quickly suspended According to KARE11 " The social media platform said Monday that Lindell's new account was permanently suspended for violating its rules on ban evasion."

Trump has also had his Twitter account banned, the former president has said he has no intention of rejoining the social platform even if his account is reinstated. The question now remains if Elon Musk who recently paid $44 billion will reinstate accounts that are currently banned. " The Tesla CEO calls himself a free speech absolutist who believes in allowing any content that doesn’t run afoul of the law. "

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Lindell has expanded his company in a big way besides the initial pillows that he started the company with. The company now offers a variety of bedding options, mattresses and bed frames, mattress toppers, slippers, clothing, bath supplies, and even pet beds. It looks like for now he is going to have to find another platform to express his political opinions.

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