Mike Lindell, better known as the MyPillow guy, is working hard on trying to get President Trump reelected, but he may be working soon to get himself elected.

Mike Lindell is the self made multimillionaire behind the MyPillow brand, and is also very active in politics with his support of President Trump and has been at many Trump rallies, but an interesting hint about his future has people wondering about his own political asperations.

Jennifer Carnahan is the Chairwoman of the Minnesota GOP and tweeted out a photo of Lindell at a Trump event saying, "we are going to make him our next Governor."

And, President Trump has been urging the businessman to run for Governor according to Politico. Not only has Lindell been at several rallies, Trump has had him as a guest a Mar-a-Lao in Flrodia, and said once, "When I sleep I'm using his pillow."

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Will it be Lindell vs. Walz? We will have to wait until 2022 to see, but it certainly makes sense and would be an interesting race. We know how much Minnesotans love their celebrity, outspoken Governors. A

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