Jeanne Ryan Reviews the My Pillow
I am a complete sucker for buying things that I see on TV and so far my track record has been pretty bad. But after this latest purchase I think things might be turning around.
The Puppy Whisperer, Can Make Them Go To Sleep [VIDEO]
Awww cute. Even If you are not a big fan of dogs, nobody can resist these cute puppies. For anybody that has had to listen to a crying puppy all night, maybe give this method a try.
I am not sure If it is the song, tone of his voice or what, but he sure does a good job lulling them to sleep. Her...
A New Survey Finds Many Adults Still Sleep with Teddy Bears
A new Travelodge survey found that 35 percent of adults in the UK sleep with a teddy bear to help de-stress and sleep at night.
Twenty-five percent of men said they take their teddy bear with them when they're away on business. Many said the bear reminds them of home and a cuddle helps them fall…

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