After some life transition I was in need of a new bed, and I was fascinated by all these different beds in a bag. Don't they look so comfy as you watch the cute couple or single person with her dog anxiously open the wrapping as the bed magically grows like the sponge animals you buy for your kids.

My liking of these types of mattresses also was because I wanted a platform bed and finally it seemed like one of these would be a perfect fit and I was right. I decided on the Purple Mattress and I must say I am super happy with my decision.

I went to a local furniture store in Duluth that has all the different models to choose from so I could make sure I got the kind I wanted. Is it just me or is picking out a bed seem crazy hard? After a while they all seem to kind of feel the same, but with the Purple Mattress it was instant what I liked the best.

I prefer a semi firm mattress which is the kind I got, I love that when you roll around the bed it stays motionless and also NO pressure points because it forms to your body. I am a side sleeper so this is a huge deal.

Now lets talk what the mattress is made of, for this I will refer to their website They use The Purple Grid "which is designed to dynamically flex under pressure so your shoulders and hips are cradled while your back is fully supported."  Plus with this waffle design it helps keep you cool and Made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer®, the Purple Grid lasts at least as long as ordinary mattresses and is guaranteed for 10 years under Purple's full warranty."

Is this mattress cheap? No but again most beds are expensive and it is important to get a good nights sleep. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and plan on keeping mine for at least the 10 years it is under warranty!

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