This really is a dream come true - no pun intended. One website is seeking one very lucky person to take part in a sleep study in exchange for cash.

Basically, you will be getting paid to sleep, which is something we all do anyway. Talk about the best job ever! So how does it work?

The person chosen for the sleep study will be put up in a five-star resort. The sleep study will be five days and on the night of each one, you will be moved to a new environment within the resort to see how different factors can improve sleep or make your sleeping experience worse.

All you need to do in return is write about your sleep experience each of the five nights and rate your experience from one to ten. This honestly sounds AMAZING! I feel zen just writing about it.

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By the way, the website holding this great contest is This is very fitting! If you want to become a temporary employee, you can apply to the gig online. To apply. you are asked to send in a headshot and a one-minute video explaining why you are great for the job. You should also link your social media handles.

The deadline to apply for this dream job is March 30th. You must be a resident of the United States and can only apply once. The winner will be chosen and notified within two weeks of the closing date and they can decide whether or not they want to go public with the contest or remain private.

We can't say it enough - this is a dream come true. Sweet dreams!

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