The Minnesota Department of Corrections is looking for a candidate to set up and maintain a tattoo studio within its prison system throughout the state for its pilot program. The purpose of the program is to offer job training for inmates interested in the field of tattooing and body art and to help keep inmates safe and healthy.

According to KARE11 Nick Kimball from the Department of Corrections (DOC) said "One of the biggest risk factors, when people get out of prison, is lack of employment.  Creating a licensed tattoo training studio in our prisons offers a path to becoming a licensed tattoo technician provides another potential employment opportunity upon release for those who participate, with the goal of reducing recidivism."

Men and women in this program will have the opportunity to be trained in the art of tattooing and tattoo removal will also be offered. As many people may be aware illegal tattoos are conducted in prisons all of the time using unsterile equipment which can often lead to Hepatitis C and possible infections as well.

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This new program is being compared to the barbershop program where many inmates became licensed barbers while incarcerated and were able to find employment upon their release. Some of the qualifications include at least three years of tattooing experience, having managed a tattoo studio in the past, First Aid certification, and more.

The position is Monday through Friday with some traveling required. Salary is between $28.25 to $41.63 an hour. For more information on this position or to apply click here.

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