If you can't read Lady Gaga's poker face, consider Lorde the antithesis to "The Cure" singer.

The Melodrama artist, who's currently in the thick of her second world tour, is famous for her songwriting, moody storytelling and, when she's out on the road, facial expressions. Yup, when Lorde is on stage, you can expect a degree of intensity in her eyes and mouth that could melt the rafters around her. Because when she's in the moment, she simply can't be pulled out.

Lorde, who drew flak for her silent performance of "Homemade Dynamite" at the 2017 Video Music Awardstried to explain her style of performance to Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, during which she said she can't please everyone, but that criticism will never deter her from performing from as powerfully and as sincerely as she can.

“It’s sort of embarrassing to watch someone experience intense joy. Way more than pain … and I think that’s why people find what I do quite disconcerting,” she told Maron. “People got, like, so angry about me performing at the VMAs. I just danced. I just danced! And I danced with full f------ joy. Some people were like, ‘We get it, we love it.’ And some people were like, ‘This is offensive that I have to watch this.’"

Check out a collection of Lorde's most intense performance faces in the gallery below.

Lorde's Most Intense Performance Faces

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