Some local actors were given the chance to star in a low budget independent film that was shooting in Lakeville Minnesota and wrapped on December 21. The movie is titled "The Soviet Sleep Experiment"  and had a budget of around $250,000 which is considered low budget by film making standards.

The film is based on an urban legend about an experiment done by the Soviets in the 1940's. According to movie publicist Sara Leeper the movie is about " prisoners from the Gulag are offered their freedom if they participate in the experiment. Guards confine the prisoners to a chamber, where they breathe a gas that makes sleep impossible. After 30 days, the men go crazy — and murder, mayhem and lost body parts follow. "

Along with some local actors this film stars former Saturday Night Live Alumni Chris Kattan who is the half brother of the composer of the film.  As with any film it was very long days of shooting and some of the scenes required some rough and tumble action with the cast, but is is exciting to chalk up another movie filmed in Minnesota. The final version of the film should be available to various cable outlets in late 2019. For more about the making of this film Click Here. 

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