Your eyes are not deceiving you: Former child star Macaulay Culkin is now 40 years old.

The Home Alone star just celebrated his 40th birthday on Wednesday (August 26) and he's ready to start his midlife crisis. The actor shared a series of tweets to make people gasp at the thought of little "Kevin McCallister" all grown up.

"Since I'm 40 I think it's about time to start my midlife crisis," Culkin joked. "I'm thinking of picking up surfing. Do you all have any suggestions?"

He also asked his followers if anyone had Photoshop skills to put his head on the body of a surfer to "get an idea of how cool" he would look.

"Hey guys, wanna feel old?" he tweeted. "I'm 40. You're welcome."

"It's my gift to the world: I make people feel old," he added. "I'm no longer a kid, that's my job."

See the tweets, below.

Culkin was just 10 years old when the first Home Alone film released. He also starred in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York which was released in 1992. He did not appear in  Home Alone 3, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House or Home Alone: The Holiday Heist. He later reprised his role as Kevin McCallister for Google's 2018 holiday ad.

Fans quickly shared their reactions to the startling news in memes and gifs. See fan reactions, below.

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