Machine Gun Kelly opened about his mental health in a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

During an episode of Barrymore's talk show, MGK painted the actress-host's nails while talking about his new unisex nail polish line; talked about his relationship with Megan Fox; and opened up about his mental health.

"I think I'm new to being vulnerable outside of songs. So it's like, I see a lot of pictures of me and there's like, smiles on them. I'm always like, it's just weird though 'cause I didn't feel good at all that day and I kind of am sick of smiling on days when I don't feel like smiling," the singer explained.

"And I feel like this odd pressure because I don't want my fans to think that I'm taking something for granted, so if I like accept an award and I'm like super smiley but behind the scenes, I was really ... there was like stuff going on or I didn't feel ... I don't know," he shared, adding, "A lot of what I do is for other people and I haven't given myself the time to just accept that it's okay to not be okay."

Barrymore responded, "I don't mean to sound creepy, but I like you so much more."

Watch a clip from the episode, which aired today (Dec. 10), below.

This isn't the first time the musician has opened up about his mental health.

Back in January, MGK posted on his Instagram that he had "been in, kind of like, a f---ed up place personally for a couple of months in my head," according to People.

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