A day after linking up with Kesha on “Good Old Days,” Macklemore drops a new song titled "Change." The record, unlike “Good Old Days," is a loosie and will live outside the former XXL Freshman's upcoming album Gemini. The song comes courtesy of T-Mobile and iHeart Media.

On "Change," Macklemore delivers an introspective cut where he raps about fixing his wrongs and switching up his outlook on life. “Lord knows I’m stuck in my ways, out here expecting a raise, and do the same thing every day, then expecting to change,” he raps. Singer Ben Abraham handles the hook.

With his Gemini album droppng this Friday (Sept. 22), his first solo effort since 2005’s The Language of My World, the Washington rapper will also be going on tour beginning on Oct. 6. Most of the tickets for the show have sold out, but you can try your luck by checking out Macklemore’s official website.

Bump "Change" below.

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