Macklemore's documentary about America's opioid addiction epidemic is scheduled to air this week. Prescription For Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis, an hour-long documentary featuring a discussion between Macklemore and President Barack Obama, will debut this Tuesday (Oct. 11) at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

Part of the film was shot in May when Macklemore joined President Obama for one of the president's weekly addresses. During their talk, Macklemore spoke about his own battle with opioid addiction.

"I was on Percocet. All of a sudden I’m doing it every day to the point where I have this dependency," Macklemore said. "And I remember the guy that I was getting them from didn’t have any more. And he said but I have this other thing. It’s called OxyContin. Within a week I was isolated in my room doing this drug just to stay alive in a way."

President Obama's administration has put a focus on the epidemic because of the increased loss in life. Sadly, overdoses have become a regular occurrence.

"I think that anybody whose grown up in America has known people whose struggled with it; may have had some struggles of their own," President Obama said. "I had a lot of close friends who ended up going through the recovery process. But the reason that we’ve been really focusing on this opioids issue is that this is an area where the incidents of people dying from overdoses are actually spiking. 2014, we saw more people die of drug overdoses than die of car accidents."

In addition to Macklemore and President Obama's conversation, Prescription For Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis also follows the lives of three young women in recovery. The documentary hopes their stories will further highlight the importance of addressing opioid addiction.

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