The 4th of July holiday is a favorite of mine primarily because of the BBQ and the fireworks, but one thing I don't like is the inevitable burn from a rogue firework or one of those sneaky fast fuses. One way to avoid that is by using either a punk or come up with some other creative way to launch them suckers, like this.

Believe it or not I actually have some experience in this area, years ago a friend and I built something similar, it was much cruder than this and in the end only launched maybe one or two shells before blowing a power circuit in the cabin leaving us to hand light the remainder. I will add that this was pre YouTube and smartphones, so cut us a little slack.

This launcher looks pretty easy to build and it should keep you within a safe distance if you're lighting off some of the "good stuff' this July 4th. Be Safe!

Make This Homemade Remote Fireworks Launcher

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