Like beer, bacon is about to have its own DIY revolution, instead of micro brews, we'll have micro bacons, sounds good to me! Bacon historians may look back one day and declare that the Baconkit was the start of the revolt against "big bacon."

The Baconkit comes with everything you need, except for a pork belly which you can pick up at most grocery stores or butcher, to make 5-pounds of delicious homemade cured bacon and you can even add the included maple sugar and make maple bacon.

After you mix all the ingredients and let it cure for about a week, you can cook it in the oven or smoke it in a smoker and unlike commercial bacon your bacon won’t shrivel, shrink, or release water when you cook it.

You can grab the Baconkit for $16.99 here, if you try it let me know how the bacon tastes in the comment area below.