Are you planning your Mother's Day weekend and need an idea of what to do with your mom? Take her to brunch!

I came across a new study that revealed the favorite brunch item of each and every state. created the study ahead of Mother's Day since going to brunch is such a common event for the holiday!

This is definitely a study I can stand behind based on the findings! Minnesota's favorite brunch food, according to this study, is bacon! I don't think there is somebody out there that doesn't enjoy bacon. Wisconsin's favorite brunch food is more of a drink but still delicious: a Bloody Mary!

Other popular favorites across the country are syrup, pancakes and mimosas. Several other states also favored bacon as their favorite brunch treat, just like Minnesota. Like I said, it would be hard to find someone who doesn't like bacon!

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To get to the conclusion of the study, creators looked at Google Trends in each state. They made a list of common breakfast foods and drinks and from there, looked at which state searched for most. As a result, we are hungry and also have a little help planning our Mother's Day festivities!

The same website also created another study recently, determining which state was the "luckiest" in the entire country. The answer surprised me because it was Minnesota! I had never thought of us as overly lucky but I definitely changed my tune after that. Apparently, we have a high life-expectancy and have a history of big lottery winners.

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