You may have already heard the story about this Texas man who confronted his step daughter's bully and slapped the kid in the face. Many people have come to the man's defense saying that the kid deserved it, and this is a way to handle bullies. But most people also only read the headline and don't see that he was charged with a felony. That's a big deal. If convicted, he's now a felon. That will stay on your record for ever and comes with consequences. On job applications he's going to have to answer "Yes" to if he's even been convicted of a felony.

I think a lot of us parents understand where the guy was coming from and the amount of anger that it can cause us parents when we see our kids being treated poorly. I hope the judge doesn't come down to harshly on him for this, but I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I think the important thing for a lot of us to realize is that while a short action like this may send a message, in the eyes of the law you're still a criminal.

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