Awwwww! This is the way to my heart right here.

I always love looking through the "Missed Connection" postings on Craiglist once in awhile. Most of them in the Duluth and Superior area are simple enough but every once in awhile I find one that makes me smile - or laugh.

While browsing through the posts this week, I came across one that made me smile. It was titled "Opening night Bentleyville 2019" and I clicked it. I was not disappointed!

Opening night Bentleyville 2019 a perfect Halmark movie moment missed. You were a pretty blonde female with a great smile about 5'5" and a daughter maybe 12 who had backpack with the letter "G"(?) on the back. Me a husky but handsome single dad with a feisty 5 year old little girl. We helped each other take pictures in front of the big tree and then the moment passed before either of us was brave enough to ask for names or numbers. I think about that moment often.
You heard him! A perfect Hallmark movie moment missed! It truly doesn't get more romantic than that. This was posted in February so it's still fresh.
Because these two actually had some sort of interaction and because the ad is pretty detailed, I have a good feeling these two will find each other. That is how all Hallmark movies end, after all!
By the way - a romantic Christmas movie filmed in Minnesota earlier this year so if this doesn't work out, we have the film to fall back on!
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