After finding the dog of his dreams on a pet website, a man buys a one-way ticket to Minneapolis to rescue the dog from a shelter.

The good news, 23 year-old Joel Carpetner got the dog of his dreams after traveling halfway across the country. The bad news, Joel and his new buddy Sadie have no idea how they're getting home. Joel felt compelled to save Sadie from the shelter, so compelled in fact that he forgot to plan a way back home.

Joel didn't have a lot of money when he bought the one-way ticket, so he is now hitchhiking his way back to Maine with Sadie. So far they got a ride to Chicago and currently they are in Grand Rapids, MI. This could be either the greatest adventure of his life, or he'll be making a new home somewhere else.

I love the fact that he followed his heart, as I'm a big animal person too, I just wish he would've planned a better way to get home. If you happen to be heading out east this week and want to help Joel and Sadie get back to Maine or know someone that can help, you can send him an email or reach him by phone at 207-712-0758.

You can check out the video below and let me know in the comments where's the furthest you'd go for an animal.