Maroon 5 just keeps getting better and better with music videos. From a meat shop stalker to crashing weddings, the latest video has the group in knock-off Pokemon costumes running for their life. 

The group dropped their latest music video with celebrity cameo appearances and dressed up in what looks like Pokemon outfits almost poking fun at Pokemon Go.

The video really makes you question life and wonder what it's like for Pokemon who are constantly getting chased by Pokemon Go players. Or is this a metaphor saying celebrities are like Pokemon constantly running and fans keep trying to catch them?

Either way, I'm a fan. From start to finish, the video and song have me hooked. The only negative I took from it, no Kendrick Lamar who is featured on the song. The video starts with a depressed Adam Lavine as a bootleg Squirtle doing his morning routine while missing comedian Sarah Silverman as his former Pokemon spouse.

Other cameo appearances include actor Ed Helms getting chased down, Vine star Amanda Cerny and my favorite appearance of the video is at the with actor Vince Vaughn. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the new video.

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