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Meghan Markle Attempting To Return To Acting

After the recent separation from the royal family, Markle has reportedly been looking to get back into acting and is on the hunt for roles in a blockbuster superhero film. Apparently, meetings are set up in Hollywood and she has already done a voice-over for Disney. Markle's agent allegedly has a number of offers on the table for her. (via New York Post)

Instagram Influencers Are Ruining Travel

Becoming a travel influencer on social media has become an overnight fad that has possibly taken away from its original intention: to show the world's best destinations. The multitude of so called influencers don't necessarily post authentically beautiful pictures of a destination; instead, they post edited images that stroke their online egos and lead to extra followers. Instead of being the star of the show, the destination becomes just another backdrop for an Instagram photo shoot. (via Forbes)

Fashion Nova Spends $40M On Influencer Marketing 

Fashion Nova came spends more than $40 million on influencer marketing. The massive price tag earned the company first place for that specific type of marketing. Over the year, brands spent $1.9 billion in this area of marketing in the United States and Canada alone. The top five also included Ciroc and Walmart. (via Complex)

KFC Looking For 'Finger Licker'

The "finger lickin' good" fast food chain has put out an ad campaign in search of a professional "finger licker." The model they are searching for would be featured on a billboard while performing their professional duty: eating chicken.

Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Bridal Look

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