In an alternate universe, Katy Perry's "Rise" is inspired by Meghan Trainor's legendary Tonight Show tumble...and how M-Train lived to tell the tale.

In an interview with The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night (August 29), Trainor bravely revisited that fateful night in May when — on the very same stage — she went down like a sack of Grammy-winning potatoes. Strangely, she said she recorded a second take in which she managed to remain upright the whole time, she just didn't feel right about using it. JUST MEG BEING MEG.

"I always get to check the sound and see how good it sounds, and I went back and I saw both takes, and I saw my face just full of fear on the second try," Trainor says above. "I was like, 'You know what? The first one's better. Let 'em have it. I'm gonna fall eventually one day, so let this be it.'"

Let this be it.

Trainor also performed her new single "Better," which features Yo Gotti. Somehow, perhaps by divine intervention, she did not fall. Justice for equilibrium.

"I didn't fall!" Trainor confirmed after the set. She didn't.

Surprised to hear Trainor went with the original "Me Too" take when there was a more seamless version available? Sound off in the comments.

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