Michael Keaton has confirmed that he will be returning to the screen as the Vulture in an unnamed project. This, of course, is in addition to his duties as Batman in The Flash. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Keaton revealed that he was in the process of filming something as the character of Vulture.

Around 12 minutes in, Keaton and Kimmel begin to talk all things Marvel. Keaton admitted that he's not “up to speed” on the complex lore of the MCU, despite the crew’s efforts to explain it to him. But that doesn’t stop him from delivering a powerful performance as the main antagonist of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“I’m shooting tomorrow. I’m shooting Vulture stuff,” Keaton casually shared. “When prompted about exactly what he was shooting, Keaton simply repeated, “Vulture stuff.”

Watch the entire exchange below, where Keaton also discusses his return as the Caped Crusader after three decades:

Now, what could “Vulture stuff” possibly be referring to? For starters, we know that Keaton will appear as Adrian Toomes/Vulture in Morbius, which takes place inside Sony's Spider-Man universe. This fact has caused many fans to speculate that Morbius will take place inside the MCU. However, considering the multiverse plays a part in both Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2, there might be another explanation for Keatons crossing over.

Either Keaton is filming reshoots for Morbius, or perhaps he’s filming a post-credits stinger for Spider-Man: No Way Home? The second possibility is more exciting, considering Vulture played such a key role in Spider-Man: Homecoming — when it was revealed that he was the father of Peter Parker's classmate and crush, Liz. However, considering Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out in just one month’s time, that would be cutting it close.

Morbius arrives in theaters January 28, 2022.

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