Mike Rowe is rebooting his popular television series "Dirty Jobs." He got his hands dirty working on repairing escalators at the University of Minnesota this week. The show is coming back to the Discovery Channel, and Mike Rowe and his production crew were right in Minneapolis working with a local escalator repair company.

He did escalator and maintenance repair with Eagan's Schindler Elevator at the University of Minnesota. According to the Pioneer Press, Rowe spent about 10 hours working on escalators nearby Gopher Stadium. He was surprised about how dangerous of a job it is to work on escalators, and described how crazy it was to climb into the mechanism using chains and other things. Who knew?

Dirty Jobs was a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel back from 2005-2013. Rowe got the idea for the TV show when he did a similar show on a small local TV station highlighting tough jobs earlier in his career. Rowe has been staying busy in recent years with his podcast called 'The Way I Heard It.' He's also written books, and has a show currently on streaming service Discovery+ called 'Six Degrees With Mike Rowe.' The premise of that show is to reveal how everything is connected through history and interesting coincidences. Kind of neat, right?

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There's no date yet for when the University of Minnesota Dirty Jobs episode will air, but we can expect the Dirty Jobs reboot to start airing later this year.

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