If you're like us, you are miffed that Miley Cyrus is keeping a very tight lid on the details of her upcoming album, but that won't last for very long! At this current moment, Miley Cyrus has about 12.6 million Twitter followers, once she hits lucky number 13, she'll finally reveal the title of her album!

Alright, Smilers (do you still call yourselves that?), you have your mission and you need 400,000 more of you to follow Miley before you can get ANY more details on the album! Also, she just had to mention Jay-Z again, didn't she?

So what do we know about the album in the first place? Well, 'We Can't Stop' was originally written for Rihanna and the LP could feature a track called 'Last Goodbye,' which was written about Miley's late dog Lila. She's worked with some pretty big names like Pharrell, Diplo, Tyler the Creator along with other unlikely characters. As for the sound of it? Kelly Osbourne says it's very "grown up" and that we'll "love it."

Okay, people, follow Miley so we get some more deets!

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