It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone lately that Miley Cyrus left 'Hannah Montana' in the dust a long time ago, having since buried her in grills and twerking and claims of affection for so-called "urban" music.

But then, Miley proudly showcased her rapping skills -- on French Montana's track 'Ain't Worried About Nothin'' -- for the first time, and received an uproar from the twitterverse.

B----, I ain’t worried about nothin.'" Miley feted the video by tweeting:

something, because she sent out this rather terse missive:

Seems Miley's rap debut wasn't exactly greeted with the enthusiasm she probably would've liked, and it drew the attention of blogger and podcaster Kid Fury, who lived up to his name with a string of snarky comments -- many of which simply put into text what a whole lot of people have wanted to say for a while now:

It continues... here.

In rebuttal, Cyrus posted a lyric from her hit single 'We Can't Stop' (a song originally intended for Rihanna, by the way):

Miley lyrics

But checking tweets aimed at Miley reveal she may have a serious uphill climb if she wants to convince people her newfound love of hip-hop is real and that she isn't simply appropriating black culture as a passing fad. Comments like this one were typical:

Yeowch. Good luck, Miley. You're gonna need it.

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