'Tis the season - almost. In a spooky twist, the Spirit Halloween store in the Miller Hill Mall is open for business!

It may seem a little bit early for a Halloween store to open but Spirit Halloween stores typically open near the end of summertime! August is (sadly) when the seasons start to shift here in the Twin Ports so fall is usually in the air a bit by now.

Over the past few years, the Spirit Halloween stores in Duluth have opened in late August. I was surprised when I saw that the Miller Hill Mall location was already open but I obviously wasn't complaining!

If you are a big Halloween lover like me, you will also be happy to know that there will be two Spirit Halloween locations in Duluth this year! There will be another location right across the street from the Miller Hill Mall this year, located in the old Bed Bath & Beyond location.

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The Miller Hill Mall location is the first of the two to open. By the way, this is not the first year that the store has opened in the mall. Last year, Spirit Halloween opened in the mall for the first time ever and after the success of the store, is opening there again this year.

The store will be located in the same spot as last year, right near the entrance to JCPenney. It is a pretty good size store but this particular location doesn't have the big setup or animatronic ghouls and goblins due to size constraints.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they had so much in stock! There were signs around the store saying that more product was coming soon but they did have quite a bit in stock! They had mugs, accessories, clothing and everything else spooky you could ever imagine.

While this location won't be nearly as big as the other location across the street, it is still a great option if you are at the mall and want to buy some haunted merchandise. It is also a great option if you want to shop for all things spooky without the scary animatronics. Ha!

At the time of writing Monday (August 8th), Spirit Halloween's website still says "coming soon" for the other Duluth location. My guess is that it will open sometime soon but didn't open quite as early as the Miller Hill Mall location because it is bigger and has more decor inside to set up.

As always, we will keep you updated when the second location does open! For now, get your Halloween fix at the Miller Hill Mall location. There are so many goodies that will get you in the mood for fall and help ease the blow that summer is almost over.

In the meantime, you can also get excited for Halloween with the official trailer for the Spirit Halloween movie! The movie was announced earlier this year with very little details about when it would drop and what the movie would be about. Now, we know and it features a famous Minnesotan.

The first Spirit Halloween store opened in Duluth just a few years ago. I was doing some internet creeping when I discovered that the vacant Shopko building was going to be home to the store. Now, there are going to be two stores here!

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